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Voice over is the fastest growing profession on the planet.


And to be frank, that's because the bar for entry is pretty low - anyone can buy a microphone and declare to the world...I am a voice over artist!

But if you want a career as a VO, you need more than a nice voice and a microphone.

You need to understand the industry, know where you fit, and make sure you have the skill you need to succeed.

You can definitely do that on your own. You can put in the time and energy honing your skills, and be very successful in the voice over industry. can shortcut that pathway to pro VO by working with me.

As a 25+ year veteran of the acting and voice over world, I've watched the VO world change, and I've changed with it. I know what it takes to become a professional VO...and then stay there.

I want you to feel prepared. I want you to know where you're going and why, and I want you to be putting your best voice forward when you do.

That means I won't rush through your training so you can record a sub-par demo that isn't going to get you work.

And I'm not going to teach you the basics and then toss you into the market place to fend for yourself. 

I'll guide you, support you, and cheer wildly as you hit your goals.

But I won't drag you through it, and I won't sugarcoat a single thing. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you're in the right place.

Let's get you to kickarse VO pro.



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About Deanna

Deanna Cooney is a 20+ year veteran of the acting and voice over world and an online educator living in Perth, WA. She is an industry leader delivering world class voice over coaching and training across the globe, and is a WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) sessional lecturer in On Camera Presenting and Voice. Represented by MCA, she works consistently as a commercial and corporate voice and has most recently been seen on-screen in Australian feature film BELOW, ABCTV’s The Heights and Australian web series Homespun.

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