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Get Ahead In The Voiceover Industry With 10 Awesome Tips From One of Australia's Most Successful VO Veterans

Why do some voiceover artists get booked over and over, and others - often with the same training and even similar skill level - just don’t? 

It's less complex than you might think: they are easy to work with.  And easy to work with, in this industry, extends way beyond your talent.  Walking into a studio, or patching in from your home studio, and inspiring confidence and certainty that you’ll do a great job is a sure-fire way to accelerate your voiceover career and ensure you’re booked again and again. 

But most new voiceover artists struggle to find that confidence. They fail to build the relationships and reputation that positions them as a professional - even the seriously talented ones - and that brings their career to a screeching halt before it's even begun.  

So to help you get ahead, I’ve put together my Top 10 Tips - tips that have supported me to 20 awesome years of work in this amazing voiceover industry. 

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In over 20 years of voicing advertising campaigns, I’ve developed a seriously huge client list. My voice over credits include long term campaigns for major brands such as Red Rooster and HBF, as well as countless shorter campaigns and once-off reads for literally thousands of other clients. 

But my client list is not the reason I've had continuous work for almost 25 years. In fact, the commercial voice over marketplace changes so rapidly that you can easily go from big campaign to not working at all in the blink of an eye, no matter who your last client was.

I have no doubt that the secret to my long (and still going strong) career is the relationships I've nurtured and the reputation I've built in that time; a reputation founded on professionalism, a positive attitude, and a get-the-job-done mentality.


Professionalism, talent and personality.

It always brings a smile and sense of relief to me when I hear that a client has booked Deanna for a job. I know that she will bring the highest level of professionalism, talent and personality to her role. In the nicest possible way, I know that I will be able to use Deanna as a tool; her ability to adapt to the constantly changing demands of clients during the session is second to none. Nick Gallagher – Owner/Producer/Casting, Cue Sound

An absolute STAR!

I know Deanna Cooney’s work from two series I have been involved in. I was exceptionally impressed with her versatility. From doing big picture authoritative statistic driven narration, to reads that required lightness of touch to bring out the humour and crucially reads that required subtle empathy. Not only that she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing was too much trouble, she listened to direction and invariably nailed what I wanted straight off. An absolute star. Anita Brown, Executive Producer

A hit every time.

Voice over talent can be hit or miss, but with Deanna you have a hit on your hands every time. I have had the privilege of working with Deanna for at least the last 15 years, and in all that time she has never failed to deliver a less than perfect performance. Deanna has many talents, but the most important one is the ability to quickly interpret a script and understand what the creative intent is. She is then able to back that up with a huge range to her voice that allows her to quickly shift from the bubbly happy mum, to the girl next door, to the concerned government representative delivering  a serious safety message. Deanna also has the ability to read flawlessly, so if you have a large amount of copy she gets through it quickly while staying on brief and ultimately entertaining your listener, which let’s face it, is what every client hopes for.  Brad Habib - Owner/Producer/Casting, Soundbyte Studios

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